Ensure Your Patient’s Safety with TigerTextPRO

Even with the ongoing debates surrounding healthcare reform, insurance premiums and prescription costs, nothing is more important that the welfare of our loved ones – especially in the time of crisis.  In addition to having the peace of mind that a sick family member or friend is getting the urgent attention they deserve, knowing that their information is kept private is just as vital for ensuring patient safety.

TigerTextPRO recently featured on NPR


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The Need for HIPAA

With the increasing use of electronic communication for exchanging information, privacy provisions were imposed upon healthcare organizations, including insurance providers.

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Urgent Communication

Time is of the Essence

…Or so the saying goes.  But in a hospital setting, this can be a grim understatement.  A few seconds could mean all the difference for a patient in critical condition.   Affording medical experts the ability to be present during emergencies situations relies heavily upon how quickly they can be contacted.

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