How a Healthcare Messaging App Can Help You Become HIPAA Compliant

A healthcare messaging app is a piece of application software that secures protected health information (PHI) as it travels between HIPAA-covered entities and their employees. The multi-platform app can be used on desktop computers and mobile devices to ensure that confidential communications between authorized users are HIPAA compliant.

A secure app for healthcare texting is a key tool in any HIPAA-compliant messaging solution, as it meets healthcare industry standards for privacy and security while maintaining the convenience and speed of mobile communications – an important consideration in a modern healthcare environment that implements a BYOD policy.

Indeed, organizations that have already implemented TigerText´s apps for secure healthcare text messaging have reported enhanced employee workflows and increased productivity, and – in many of the 4,000 medical centers that use a TigerText healthcare messaging app – contributed towards a higher standard of healthcare being delivered to patients.

How TigerText´s Secure App for Healthcare Texting Work

Compliant SealApps for secure healthcare text messaging work by providing authorized users with a uniquely encrypted channel to a software-as-a-service “On Demand” platform. The platform allows authorized users access to PHI maintained on secure servers, which they can then use for their own purposes or communicated with other authorized users.

When an authorized user wants to communicate PHI to a colleague via a healthcare messaging app, the colleague receives a notification message with a link to the encrypted PHI. The recipient can only access the PHI after authenticating their identity with a unique username and password. Thereafter he or she can read the message, send a reply and upload attachments such as images or test results.

Apps for secure healthcare text messaging allow multiple authorized users to be involved in the same conversation thread. This results in enhanced collaboration between authorized users which – in a healthcare environment – can escalate physician consults, accelerate diagnoses, resolve treatment issues and fast-track patient discharges.

How Apps for Secure Healthcare Text Messaging Keep PHI Secure

When an authorized user uses a healthcare messaging app to access the “On Demand” platform, safeguards are in place to prohibit the communication of PHI outside of the organization´s network. Recipient authentication processes prevent PHI and text messages containing PHI attachments from being sent to the wrong person and administrative controls prevent PHI being saved to external hard drives, copied and pasted, or being forwarded outside of an organization´s network.

Audit logs and access reports enable system administrators to monitor activity on the platform and conduct risk assessments to identify threats to the integrity of PHI. If any potential breach of PHI is identified, administrative controls can be used to remotely retract and delete text communications – or remotely remove the user from the network via a PIN lock facility.

This ability to remotely remove users from the network and wipe any notifications they may have sent or received is vital in safeguarding the integrity of PHI if ever a mobile device is lost, stolen or misplaced (the most common cause of PHI breaches). On TigerText´s secure app for healthcare texting, there is also a time-out facility so that unauthorized users cannot gain access to PHI via an unattended desktop computer or mobile device.

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The Additional Benefits of a Healthcare Messaging App

We mentioned above how TigerText´s healthcare messaging app has enhanced employee workflows, increased productivity and contributed towards a higher standard of healthcare being delivered to patients. The following is just a selection of scenarios in which a secure app for healthcare texting can achieve these results:

  • Appointments can be more accurately scheduled using a healthcare messaging app
  • Apps for secure healthcare text messaging can be used to increase the efficiency of admissions
  • Emergency room hand-offs can be managed with a secure app for healthcare texting
  • Community nurses can escalate patient concerns securely with a healthcare messaging app
  • The delivery of wound images, X-rays and lab results can be accelerated with a healthcare messaging app
  • Health insurance companies can process claims quicker by using a secure app for healthcare texting
  • Apps for secure healthcare text messaging can be used to create an audit trail for electronic prescription hand-offs – fulfilling one of the conditions for Stage 2 Meaningful Use

Examples of these scenarios in action can be found among TigerText´s case studies. Examples particularly relevant to the above list include:

The implementation of TigerText´s secure app for healthcare texting at the Houston Fertility Institute resolved the facility´s lack of a universal communication solution. In addition to being able to create a reliable system for recording patient notes, the apps for secure healthcare text messaging improved scheduling accuracy by 20% and there was an 80% reduction in time wasted playing phone tag.

Community nurses at Concordia Lutheran Ministries not only use TigerText´s secure app for healthcare texting to freely communicate patient information, but also for secure internal document transmissions. By eliminating slower, unsecure channels of communication, workflows have been accelerated and nurses in the community have more time to spend with their patients.

By integrating TigerText´s healthcare messaging app into their existing HER and answering service, the Memorial Hospital of Gulfpoint was able to improve real time nurse/physician communication. The retirement of the previous pager system to be replaced with a secure BYOD environment is estimated to have saved the medical facility tens of thousands of dollars.

Speak with TigerText about a Secure App for Healthcare Texting

Not all apps for secure healthcare text messaging are the same, and it is important to implement a communications solution that not only copes with today´s privacy and security requirements, but is expandable to allow for future legislation, technological advances and changes to work practices.

For this reason, it is in your best interests to speak with TigerText. Not only will TigerText answer any questions you may have about apps for secure healthcare text messaging, but you can also request a free demonstration of TigerText´s healthcare messaging app in action.

Processing more than 150 million secure messages every month, TigerText has established itself as the leader in secure messaging for healthcare. From large hospital networks to small private practices, healthcare organizations use TigerText as their preferred method of secure communication to comply with HIPAA, HITECH and other industry standards.

Healthcare Industry Facts

FACT: SMS texting is not secure or HIPAA compliant.
FACT: Doctors and staff members are texting PHI to improve care delivery.
FACT: Healthcare worker productivity increases when workers can make decisions faster.