Does your hospital have millions of dollars to spare?

Are you texting patient information in your hospital?

If you work in the healthcare industry, you have more than likely heard of the millions of dollars in fines hospitals have been charged for violations of HIPAA. Many may think that these violations are just about the recording and storing of information, but text messaging this information is just as much of a violation. On February 16, 2006, HHS issued the Final Rule regarding HIPAA enforcement. It became effective on March 16, 2006. The Enforcement Rule sets civil money penalties for violating HIPAA rules and establishes procedures for investigations and hearings for HIPAA violations.

These penalties are becoming increasingly larger as offenses grow, making it more likely that your hospital can get fined. In a hospital, nothing is more important than patient care. Now, with text messaging so readily available it is so easy and tempting for doctors and nurses to send patient health information via text message, even though it is not HIPAA compliant.
HIPAA Text is compliant with all acts of HIPAA, and allows employees of your hospital to communicate lifesaving and urgent information using their smartphones.